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About Bina Hanoka

Bina HanokaBina Hanoka was born in Poland to a family dedicated to perpetuating Jewish life.  She recounted as a young child the daily struggles of survival, running for their lives from war-torn Europe.  During these most difficult times, the sounds of Torah study and the unwavering dedication to the performance of Mitzvos practiced at home, served as the bed-rock for her life's mission to instill this treasured legacy in her children and her students.
For a span of almost 50 years, Bina taught Torah to many hundreds of Jewish children, instilling in the vital importance of keeping this legacy alive. Bina was famous for caring for her students as though they were her own, looking after their all around well being and treating every child in a special way.  Bina's love for spreading and teaching Torah was tangible and was instilled in her children.  Bina had encouraged her son  Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka to persue his love for teaching Torah and he has made this part of his life's mission, perpetuating his mother's great legacy.